Kinexon ONE is a precision athlete monitoring system

It helps coaches to measure, analyze, and improve athlete performance and to protect the health of their athletes.




Kinexon CELL

… measures an athlete’s motion, activity and position on the field.

Base Station

… manages the wireless communication between CELLs and tablet PC.

Tablet PC

… provides the coach in real time with valuable insights in terms of tactics, technique, performance and health.


… stores data from all matches and training sessions. It allows coaches, support staff and athletes to easily access data via smartphone, PC and tablet PC. Anywhere. Anytime.

What can you do?



Measure. Analyze. Improve.

Optimize tactics, performance, and health.

As a coach you want your athletes and teams to reach their full potential. Kinexon ONE is the right tool to support your everyday work. It measures and analyzes athlete and team performance, fitness and tactical behavior during matches and training sessions.

  • Real-time statistics, charts, and illustrations
  • Player comparison
  • Peer group benchmark
  • Individual strengths and weaknesses
  • Personalized training plans
  • Documentation of exercises


Train your skills

For every purpose the adequate exercise.

Tactics, technique, fitness: there are many dimensions that affect athlete performance. No matter which dimension you want to improve, Kinexon ONE offers the right training exercises to achieve your goal.

An integrated library offers various exercises that have been developed and recommended by leading sports scientists, coaches and sport associations.

Browse exercises. Vary your training content. Set new impulses. The right exercise – just one fingertip away!



Protect your athletes’ health

Prevent injuries and support rehabilitation process.

Nothing is more important than health. Therefore, Kinexon ONE continually monitors a number of scientifically proven health indicators.

Our goal: To optimize training intensity, reduce injuries, and increase well-being. For example Kinexon ONE measures the training load and fatigue of your athletes.

In case of overload you receive immediate alerts on your tablet. Kinexon ONE also supports the rehabilitation process through adequate work load limits after injuries. Just two of many health-related features.

Teamwork made easy

Communicate & share insights with your support staff.

Team manager, head coach, assistant coach, support staff and medical staff: There are many functions that are involved in leading and supporting a team.

Kinexon ONE supports the collaboration between different functions and makes teamwork more efficient. It enables you to easily communicate within the team and to share specified data, notes and insights.

This ensures that your team is always up to date.



Plan & document your work

It has never been so easy.

Kinexon ONE offers a simple and intuitive administration of training sessions and matches. Whether you want to schedule sessions, define content and exercises, comment on results, or take notes.

Kinexon ONE offers you an easy and convenient way to do so.


Precision space technology

The most advanced technology for your success.

When it is about health and performance, there is no room for inaccuracy. Particularly in times where every percent of performance can decide about success and failure, inaccuracy is not an option.

At Kinexon, we consider precision not just as a feature, it is rather an attitude that drives everything that we do. Consequently, our sensors are equipped with the most advanced space technology that tracks athletes and objects with centimeter accuracy.

Our patent pending technology has been awarded, for example by an international jury of experts with the 1. prize of the European Satellite Navigation Competition 2013.


Incredibly smart data

Get valuable insights in real-time.

Kinexon ONE makes complex topics and relationships easy to understand. Our smart analytics engine turns big data into smart data. It screens millions of data points to extract the information that really matters. This information is visualized so that it is concise and easy to understand. For this purpose Kinexon ONE was developed in close cooperation with coaches, athletes, sport scientists and medical experts.

What does this mean for you? Less complexity. Better insight.

Impressive usability

You do not have to be a computer scientist to get the best out of your team.

You do not want to study computer science just to use an athlete monitoring system properly? Then Kinexon ONE is the right solution for you.

Every single bit of the tablet application was designed to be as simple and easy to use as possible. In sum, this means that you can focus on what really matters: coaching and leading.

Secure cloud application

Store and access your data anytime, anywhere.

The tablet PC provides you with historic and real-time data during training sessions and matches.

But what if you want to access and analyze data in detail afterwards? What if you want to compare how your athletes and teams have evolved over time?

No problem with Kinexon ONE! Our secure cloud solution backups and manages the data so that you can easily access it with your PC or smartphone – anywhere and anytime.

Advanced mobility

Take Kinexon ONE wherever you will go.

Away games, training camps, or many courts on one training ground: There are many reasons why teams do not spend every training session on exactly the same court.

Kinexon ONE is a portable system that does not require a stationary installation. You can take it easily with you – wherever you will go.

Kinexon ONE is suited for all kinds of sports



Interested in using Kinexon ONE?

Currently, we are testing our system with selected customers in a private beta phase. If you are interested in using Kinexon ONE please drop a line. Some lucky applicants will receive an invitation to test our system in the field!

Apply now for the private beta testing!

…or contact us!

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